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Halcyon Days

I love you, so I don't need happiness

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Name:lost & wild boys
Birthdate:Aug 28
Location:NYC, New York, United States of America
Website:deadums @ lj
❝ I love you, so I don't need happiness. ❞


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30rock, 80s anime, 80s manga, american gods, anime, atatakai soup, banana fish, batman, cops, dear apples, drawing, eccentric fbi agents, fk in the coffee, inking, jaws, lawrence of arabia, m-flo, mafiosos, manga, peter pan, radiohead, resident evil, retro, ricardo martinez, silent hill, sleeping, space armadas, tale of genji, terrible things happening in space, the count of monte cristo, the fall, tons of anime, tons of manga, twin peaks, uniforms, zombies

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